My Love for Bulldogs


When I started writing this blog, I wanted it to to be about various topics.  Thus far, I have focused primarily on international politics and the 2012 election.  While politics remain one of my main interests, I also maintain lighter interests as well.  If you meet me in person, my love for bulldogs would be one of the first things you find out about me.

I love bulldogs even though I do not have one… yet. It all started about three years ago when I was met my friend’s new bulldog puppy, Louis.  I was instantly in love.  I love their fat, chubby little bodies and short stubby legs.  I love the way they waddle when they walk (which usually is not too far).  Mostly, I love their faces.  Some people think bulldogs are ugly.  In truth, those people are crazy.

In my expert opinion, dogs that are funny looking (the bulldog) should be females with pretty names.  For example, my bulldog’s name will be Ruby.  Other acceptable names include: Daisy, Amethyst, Fiona, Pearl (basically, any gem will do).

Alright, folks.  I know all about the health problems and that bulldogs do not live very long lives.  I know that they don’t walk very far, can be gassy, snort like a pig, and sometimes have tempers.  Obviously, I do not care about these little things.  Put simply, bulldogs make my heart happy.

I am lucky enough to have found someone who accepts my odd and sometimes unhealthy obsession with bulldogs.  I cannot wait until we have Ruby as part of our little family.

Don’t worry, this will probably be my only post about bulldogs.  Just thought I would share something light when all this craziness is happening in our world!

My Love for Bulldogs

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